Choosing the Best Outdoor Stain/Sealer

There is nothing more beautiful than a wood deck, fence or other object that brightens up the outdoor landscape. Today’s wood stains make it possible to blend all of these items, which produce a cohesive look to an area. Ready Seal® wood stain and sealant is an excellent brand that is designed to provide a long-lasting seal with a beautiful finish.


Decks and porches are a common area that really benefits from a wood stain and wood sealer. With the various colors of stains, it is possible to choose one that will match perfectly with the surrounding area. In addition, it protects the wood from the outdoor elements such as heat, rain, snow and so forth. 

When choosing an outdoor stain, it is important to look at what a particular stain offers. With Ready Seal® there is no pealing, cracking or chipping, it is possible to apply and seal in one step. It requires no diluting or primer, back-brushing or wet-line application. It can be brushed, sprayed or rolled directly onto the wood surface regardless of the temperature.

Prior to applying the stain it is, of course, necessary to prepare the wood. This is done with a commercial sander using a 80 to 100 grit. For areas the sander cannot reach, such as corners or small areas, it is recommended that a 220 grit be used for hand sanding. If there are existing stains on the wood it is important to remove these prior to applying the stain.


Although listed as a professional grade wood stain, this stain can also be easily applied as a ‘Do It Yourself’ project. As a combined wood stain and sealer, it is easy to complete a job in one application. This eliminates the need to stain and the then apply a sealant.

Many wood stains require what is called back brushing to remove streaks, brush marks and runs. This is not required with Ready Seal® stains making it not only a labor-saving process but reducing the overall cost as well.

This particular stain and sealant is easy to maintain and can be used on any type of wood. However, it is important not to apply it to green wood, prior to stripping and sanding, as it will not absorb evenly. 

Outdoor areas are often subject to hot summer days which can damage most types of stain. Fortunately, this product has a UV Ray protection feature that eliminates this concern. This advantage, over many other brands on the market, is great for people who live in warmer climates.


Ready Seal® Stain and Sealant is available in-home improvement stores and paint stores throughout the country. It comes with complete instructions for application, which are easy to follow, if you are doing the work.

This particular brand of stain is popular with building contractors who wish to bring the very best product to their clients. They are able to complete the work quickly without having to apply and then go back and seal. This can result in a significant savings if a large project is involved.

If you are looking for a stain that is long lasting and attractive then Ready Seal® Stain and Sealant this is the brand to buy.