Encounter analysis big capacity hard disk drive storage technologies

At existing, the hard disk capacity does apply to electronic video recorders sound video software category as well as surveillance digital cameras image program, including electronic video recorders, IP gateways as well as mainstream monitoring system, and so forth, often require 24 x7 hard disk drive can run continuously, and in contrast to the pc, it includes a more rigid requirements, for example higher dependability and compatibility, reduce energy usage, can additionally record a number of audios or hd video, and so on.
And within the consumer programs, the electronic video recorders suffer from the severe environment as well as use study, this implies that their products will eat the hard disk less power, create much less heat as well as quiet functioning, the more desirable for the use of the marketplace demand. Recently, as item development associated with security monitoring cameras and also the special needs of marketplace, hard disk in most aspects tend to be showing formerly compare eye-port.
Such since the hard drive in vibration decrease do especially well peaceful, adopt distinctive (IntelliSeek) smart search way processes to optimize research speed, in the manner reducing power consumption, noise as well as vibration simultaneously, more successfully control the actual transmission gadget, the operation from the head accurately to make contact with next field read brand new information plays an important role. And within the operation from the smoothness, the hard disk reduce power consumption, which regarding 60% lower than previously, the method for more peaceful operation, vibration is actually greatly decreased.
Second, SilkStream technologies for sleek, continuous electronic video movie and playback with regard to optimization, can support as much as 12 street HD loading video, as well as liquid showing motor sound reduction as well as improve dependability, the sophisticated power administration function can make sure that the digital components supply first-class reduced power consumption to satisfy the needs of decreasing power dissipation as well as increase dependability. RampLoad technologies can ensure hard disk drive start, stalled you should definitely working as well as park mind. In add-on, the stainless casing as well as multilayer throwing precision style base, works to reduce the sound.
At existing, by screening the sound made hard disk drive is under 1 Sone (15 db), ear to know any seem almost. At the moment, the hard disk product features could be classified to the following: for example reliability, reduced power usage, low warmth dissipation, as well as high vibration opposition, etc. Loading media offers continuity (Constant), real-time (Realtime), timing intercourse three factors for preserving security monitoring cameras in order to record movie is the best option carriers (digital camera surveillance gear).
SilkStream AUDIO-VIDEO series is made for streaming media hard disk the improvement of attribute technology, towards the digital movie playback sleek continuous optimized, and may also support as much as 12 contingency hd loading video, SilkStream suitable ATA circulation control coaching set. It may provide regular flow administration and mistake recovery perform (protection equipment provide). The actual technology may solve as well as debris associated services high quality problem, so overall performance not be using the passage of your time, and enhance the hard drive reduced dependability, reduce the actual DVR program fault and may reduce job load hard disk. from: security alarm equipment