Regular Problems associated with Roller Push


1 Huge vibration associated with roller press’ operating Problem: throughout the operation procedure, the roller press will be with vibration. Sometimes it might be with powerful collision tone of voice. That will be something along with extremely heavy or slim entry particle, unpredictable material stress, poor environmentally friendly feature as well as higher pushing force. The answer: if the actual entering material is by using extremely slim particle, we ought to reduce the actual feeding add up to increase the typical diameter associated with entering materials. Then, the length between rolling-back supplies would obtain larger. Simultaneously, the durability of uncooked material as well as stability associated with stock storage space level might be soundly held. What’s much more, roller press ought to be with correct pressing pressure.

2 Hydraulic essential oil system is by using abnormal operating condition Issue: it might be caused through extremely reduced pressure, broken sealing diamond ring and drip oil step. The answer: we should keep your hydraulic essential oil of roller push clean. The actual relief control device, check control device and each and every joint part’s closing ring ought to be replaced over time when there is any harm.

3 Temperature or huge temperature distinction of showing The organized lubrication essential oil of roller press is by using automatic essential oil supply. When starting the equipment, the essential oil supply device would release automatic getting for 10 minutes. However, the roller push users ought to frequently check if the oil bulk is by using oil, if the oil admittance is sleek with lubrication essential oil supply. The actual reducer blocking network ought to get often cleaned. The reuse water air conditioning system ought to be without hurdle.

4 Huge gap distinction between 2 rollers Check the total amount condition from the hydraulic program in each sides. When the pressure has gone out of stability, the best part might get slanted. After which, check if the opening situation of roller valves upon stock chamber’s top may be the same or even not.

5 Roller push surface’s harm The harm of roller push includes: damaged curve upon roller push surface, move surface pits as well as hard move peeling upon wear layer’s area. During the actual production procedure, it is actually prohibited to place the difficult iron items to the roller push:. The break-up machine ought to be with metal remover about the thick-powder moving gateway. The reuse pressing associated with iron items within the roller press ought to be prevented. When the roller area is broken, user ought to contact the actual manufacturers instantly and use the aid of professional wielding restore.

6 Broken bearing The standard utility amount of roller press will be from 8 to ten years. It wouldn’t meet any difficulty if the actual lubrication maintenance might be reinforced. User should make certain more chances to do something frequently, therefore the powder milling efficiency from the whole system ought to be improved.