What’s The Difference Between Digital Printing And Screen Printing FEMALE Custom T-shirts?

What’s The Difference Between Digital Printing And Screen Printing FEMALE Custom T-shirts?

With regards to creating your custom t-shirts, “screen printing” and “digital printing” will be the two conditions you will commonly listen to. These are both most common design types for printing custom t-shirts. So, which method is most beneficial for your custom t-shirts?

The true answer is that there surely is not really a more superior choice between your two beautification methods. What it comes right down to is understanding your preferences and determining which method will continue to work better for the look, colors and textile materials of the t-shirts you want to print out.

Here’s a glance at the dissimilarities between your two adornment methods so as to choose for yourself which best suits your custom garments needs.

Digital Printing

Often called “direct to garment printing”, this adornment method is known as to be the simpler approach to creating custom t-shirts. The primary feature here’s that your design is imprinted onto heat copy newspaper and a temperature press can be used to imprint the look onto the t-shirt.

This method is ideal for highly specific designs or multi-color designs, because you will most likely pay less because of this method in case you have significantly more than 20 colorings in a single design.


Ideal for highly detailed image designs

Super easy to customize

You may choose a great deal of shades in your design

Can easily help in small orders


Print out area might be tied to the sort of printer owner has

Most digital printers cannot print out white ink

Your t-shirt materials options are usually limited by just fabric

Screen Printing

Since its benefits back 1907, display screen printing (also known as silkscreen printing) has been the mostly used way for designing custom t-shirts. In the beginning of the process, the artwork is first used up into the fine mesh displays. Next, the displays are filled onto a press and printer ink shades are applied by using a squeegee type edge to press the look onto the t-shirt. When display printing a design onto a custom t-shirt, each color is segregated in the look and a fresh mesh display screen made for every single color. This is often a very labor extensive process if the design has many colors and is why multi-color designs are more costly to printing through the display printing method. Within the last step, the t-shirts are handed through a conveyer clothes dryer to permit the printer ink to dried out and set.

Screen stamping highly advantages from economies of level, therefore the more t-shirts you printing, the lower the price for the display printing service. Display printing is preferred for larger requests (often more than 12 t-shirts). Also, if you have a straightforward design like a one-color emblem or wording, usually screen printing is the better choice.


Top quality printing is easily achieved

Lasts much longer even after multiple clean cycles

Ideal for large orders

Truly affordable

Producing on many locations with greater logo space


Usually the very least amount is stipulated for using display screen printing

Not suitable for picture designs

Not effective for exhibiting high res details

Now that you understand the difference between your two printing methods, you’ll be able to produce a more enlightened choice when choosing the printing type for your custom t-shirts. Regardless which kind you select, Garment Printing will be pleased to help you personalize your t-shirts in Australia with your selected printing method!