Top 5 Reasons to Use an Expert Migration Consultant

If you are planning to migrate and you are confused that whether you should be hiring a Migration consultant or not then this article will help you to make a choice.

Now most of you are reluctant and in a dilemma that if adding this additional expense would be worth it or not.

Well here are the top 5 reasons for why you should be going with an expert Migration consultant to process the visa application for you.

  1. Visas are complicated

Some of you might not know this but visas are much complicated than they appear. We can take the example of Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 visas.

There are many students who opt for this and lodge the application but then they are not aware of the complex requirements and as a result they don’t get what they hope for in response, some of the issues are;

  • Students choosing the wrong stream and then end up with either rejection or a visa with shorter period of time
  • Other requirements like English Language testing, health insurance, AFP clearances which are being missed from the application and it results in rejection. Also there is a certain time allotted to complete the requirements, if missed, it is not possible to fix it then even if one is appealing to the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal)
  • The timing being wrong, like student without completing the application confirming the completion date and getting refused

Now here the expert Migration consultant will be playing its part as he/she will be completely aware of all the requirements for both the Migration Regulations and the Department of Immigration Procedures Advice Manual. The Migration consultants have a thorough checklist of the pre-lodgment to make sure that all the requirements are being met at the lodgment.


  1. Variations in Migration Rules

There is a constant change which is being shown in the Migration landscape and an option or choice which was looking good in the prior year may not be good this year too. In 2017, some of the rules were:

  • Numerous major changes done to the Skilled Occupation list for General Skilled Migration, 457 and ENS
  • The required point scored in the Skill Select invitations for Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visas has been increased
  • States like Tasmania, ACT, Queensland, Victoria, etc. has made some changes to their State Migration plans
  • The partner visas are now being lodged online only and paper visas are not being accepted

The Migration consultant will keep up with all the changes that are being made to the Migration landscape so that their clients would know about all the opportunities that would be arising with them.

Moreover, qualifying for the Migration to Australia is becoming more of a challenge nowadays so having a Migration consultant by your side could give you a big advantage.

  1. Dealing with the Department of Immigration is a hassle

The Department of Immigration has put on its caps and tied its shoelaces because of the increased number of cuts they were finding in the applications.

  • The department corresponds to the clients electronically now and to get through the phone is just so difficult
  • The visa applications are now being processed by teams unlike there used to be a case manager back then. And this makes it difficult to be discussing any special circumstances which can apply to your application
  • Immigration has said that they would immediately reject the applications which would not have full documents
  • When the immigrations ask for further information, it might not be fully understood by the applicants and they might not provide the required documents

An expert Migration would be fully aware of what needs to be provided further and the consultant would make it as much possible as he/she could that any request from the Immigrations is minimized. And if there is any such request, then the consultant would be able to advise you which document to provide to address the issue.  Also they would be able to escalate the issues to management, where it is necessary.

  1. Need of a Backup Plan

It is always better to not put all your eggs in one basket and since the Migration landscape is changing so rapidly, it is better to consider all the options that are present there.

But obviously, one wouldn’t know all the options and only a Migration consultant would know all the best option that are there, as it is their job. The consultant would be the best person to advise you for going with an option depending on your situation and which will suits the situation best. Furthermore, they would also advise you to keep your options open so if there is a change in the Migration settings, you would be on the safe side.

Australia’s Migration is not an easy cake anymore, and an consultant would only help you to increase your chances for obtaining a better and much favorable outcome.

  1. Might Be Only One Chance To Get It Right

If you application is rejected it means that you would be losing the immigration fees too which would obviously be in thousands of dollars. There are some unfortunate events like:

  • The refusal received on the wrong or false application can result in a 10 year ban on visa approvals
  • Onshore refusal could also result in Section 48 bar, which would further prevent the applicant from lodging visa applications within Australia
  • There are some applications which have a required time frame to be lodged in to become eligible, for example the Graduate Skilled Subclass 485 visa
  • Age can play a major role in many of the skilled visa types
  • If any of the Migration rule has changed after you have filed your application, you won’t be able to make any changes

A simple mistake could jeopardize your chances of Migration, but a consultant will thoroughly check all the requirements before you file your application.

Assessment of Eligibility

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