The Essential Tips On Picking The Perfect Wedding Catering

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Planning your dream nuptial on the heavenly island of Bali might come with many costs and budget considerations. In many cases, people will start with the venue and places to hold the party. After that, they go further on the catering cost. The estimation can get higher, especially with the wedding villa bali. But how to make it cheaper? Here are what you can do about it.

Determine The Reception Dinner Options

Your catering cost can depend on the reception options. At some point, you got to understand what kind of food you want to serve. Western food has three to five-course dinners, which is more expensive. But, there are also many other options such as BBQ dinner, Asian or Indonesian style food, international or Asian buffet. Everything has a different rate.

Understand The Guest's Number

Before you calculate everything, be sure to know the guest number. Most of the catering companies or your villa vendor do not have a maximum limit. That means the price will increase the more add guest in it. However, catering does have a minimum limit. Generally, it is about twenty to forty guests. Has fewer guests will need a surcharge.  

The Price Ranges

Each Bali villa wedding will have a different rate for the catering price. Sometimes, it depends on the vendor as well as the food itself. But, you can also put consideration on adding alcoholic drinks to your menu. Indonesia and Bali generally do not drink alcoholic drinks. Thus, the price can soar for certain drinks. So, think twice if you want a bar or cocktail party.

Talking about price ranges, you will need to see the quality and catering name. The mid-range catering charge is starting from USD 50 to US 70 per pax. It means you got some menu options with different cost rates as well. And it is worth remembering that each menu will have a different ingredient, which later states the price.

As a brief example, the sample menu you can get for about USD50 per pax is pretty simple. The main dishes are tagine, Seafood Paella, coconut lamb curry, etc. Your Bali villa wedding will likely include complimentary sides such as rice and pickles. There are also possible desserts including fruit tarts, gelato, or chocolate tartlets, and many other options.

Catering cost in Bali is pretty affordable, especially if you are looking for local cuisine and vendor. Most of the time, the higher price goes to alcoholic beverages and western cuisine. Aside from that, your menu design can also ramp up the cost. That is why you got to determine the options, the guest number, and understand the menu.


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